Thursday, September 23, 2010

Automotive Mishaps

Two exciting car stories from this week.  OK, not really that exciting, but out of the norm for me:

1.) On Tuesday night, around 11:00pm, I got a call from my friend Erica.  Her car tire POPPED OFF and she needed someone to come pick her up and wait with her until AAA came to tow the car.  I was just bumming around listening to a recording of a science symposium lecture about Genesis 1 (...I know, who does that?) so I gladly offered to come to her aid.

When I got to the exit, I saw not one, but TWO cop cars waiting there with her.  Why they always need a "backup" cop, I don't know.  I guess Erica is just that important :)  I awkwardly pulled up to the lane next to them and explained I was there to wait with her.  As she was getting into my car, I got a glance of her front left tire - it looked like a loose tooth wiggled out of it's normal alignment...Very impressive.  Luckily for her, there was a man on a motorcycle who stopped to ask if she was OK, and he happened to own a car repair shop and gave her his number.  Also, the cops were very nice and decided we could leave and they would wait for AAA and would call Erica when the car was being towed.  God was definitely working that evening to make sure she was safe and taken care of on a cold and dark Tuesday night!

2.) This morning, I got a text from our office manager letting me know that I didn't need to be at the clinic until 10am because doc was getting interviewed for a local news segment.  Sweet, I thought, I get to sleep in another hour or so.  I slept for a bit and then had a weird feeling about driving to work.  I looked out the window, and sure enough, my hubby had taken MY car to class this morning - meaning his old rusty car was left behind.  So I called work and explained the embarassing truth - I don't know how to drive stick-shift.  I was left transportationless until Matt came home from class.  Luckily, he came home shortly thereafter, so I was able to get to work by about 10:45am.  Of course, my wonderful husband made fun of me and gave me a "I told you so" for all the times he's tried to teach me to drive stick.  It's just so awkward!!!

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