Saturday, October 23, 2010

15 Facts

If you are reading my blog for the first time, WELCOME!  There is lots to know about me, but here is a brief introduction: I am a wife, daughter, sister, and dog mommy, who enjoys music, nerdy facts, crafting, and tasty treats.  I am extremely random. I hope to one day become a physician to help heal our ailing world.  I love Jesus and live for Him.  Blogging is a new venture for me.

15 Interesting Facts about Yours Truly
one. I really like languages and hope to become multi-lingual someday!  I know English (obviously) and am quite proficient in Spanish. (*see below to figure out which languages were for my list here)
dos. My favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip.  Nothing can beat that minty freshness with the hints of bitter chocolate.
trois. I am a true Fangirl...I have watched the original Star Wars Trilogy hundreds of times and enjoy using quotes in everyday conversation.  As horrible as the prequel trilogy was, the whole SW saga is just a wonderfully entertaining epic adventure!
vier. I am allergic to eggplant and cantaloupe.  It makes my lips and tongue itch and my throat tingle. Apparently there is something called Oral Allergy Syndrome which is an allergic response to plant pollen on fresh fruits or veggies.  Matt thinks this is a "made-up" disease, but I think it's pretty cool.
cinque. I have a ridiculous fear of thunderstorms.  My dad thinks it's because I was traumatized as a 2-year old when there was a severe storm during a camping trip.
roku. My favorite color is red.  I just love the vibrant and bold statement it makes.   Yellow is a close second for the same reasons.
שבע. I have been playing the piano since I was 4 years old.  Music is my soul medicine.  I am classically trained, but really want to build up some jazz chops.
oito. I hope to travel to every continent at some point in my lifetime.  I've already been to Europe (Spain) and South America (Belize) in addition to home here in the good ol' US of North America.
siyam. My future dream careers since childhood have changed from a ballerina, marine biologist, egyptologist, broadway star, medical researcher, surgeon, to a pediatrician.
shi. The hubz and I first bonded over Jack Bauer's crazy antics on 24.  The first time we hung out together, we stayed up all night watching episodes of season 2.  Little did we know that would be the countdown to the beginning of our life together! (lol, sorry, couldn't resist the cheesy pun)
elva.  I love all things Mac.  I bought my Macbook Pro in 2006, got my iPhone 3G in 2008, and am saving up for an iPad hopefully by December or early January.  
kumi.  I graduated from Lawrence University as a dual-degree student, with a B.A. in Biology (Chemistry interdisciplinary), B.Mus. in Piano Performance, and a minor in Spanish.  I was pretty burnt out by the end of my 5-year stint.
δεκατρία. I fell in love with the Lindy Hop (a form of swing dancing) in college.  I haven't danced in a loooong time...something which needs to be remedied soon!
십사. I love shoes, and at one point had over 50 pairs...then we got naughty dogs who mistook them for chew toys and I had to send quite a few pairs to shoe-heaven.  This is probably my one extremely girly obsession.
kenz. I'm a night owl (can you tell by the timestamp of this post?!) and I hate mornings.  No matter how many hours of sleep I get the night before, I still dread waking up.

*Languages used above: 1-English, 2-Spanish, 3-French,  4-German,  5-Italian, 6-Japanese, 7-Hebrew, 8-Portuguese, 9-Tagalog, 10-Chinese, 11-Swedish, 12-Swahili, 13-Greek, 14-Korean, 15-Haitian Creole

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