Monday, November 1, 2010

Favorite TV shows

We get sucked into a lot of TV shows, and my criteria to make the list of favs is pretty much the same as I listed in my movies post.  Here are some of the all-time and current favorites on my list:

1. 24
Ok, this show got worse and worse as the seasons progressed, but it still holds a special place in my heart.  Matt and I bonded over watching this show, having night long marathons to catch up on past seasons.  Between David Palmer's candor, Edgar Stiles' cuddly adorableness, Charles Logan's crookedness, Chloe O'Brien's awkwardness, and Jack Bauer's AWESOMENESS...the characters on this show are just so great.  I'm usually not one for political plots, the fast paced action made up for it, because as J.B. always said, "there's no time!!!"

(now i must be honest...we still haven't seen the series finale, just got too caught up doing/watching other don't tell me what happens! LOL)

2. House
I wish I was a super smart braniac who will graduate at the top of her med school class so she can apply for a job on an amazing diagnostic team like House's.  But as nerdy as I am, it's not really the medicine that draws me to this show.  It's Hugh Laurie's ridiculously amazing portrayal of a cynical medical mastermind who never saw a case he couldn't solve.  It's never lupus, although it does seem like it's often

3. Community
This show is BRILLIANTLY written.  The characters are quirky and the portrayal of community college just seems so hilarious.  I was skeptical at first, but after watching it week after week, it's become my go-to comedy show as The Office becomes more and more stale each season.

4. Jeopardy
I haven't watched it recently, but it is an all-time favorite.  Just because I love trivia and learning new nerdy facts.

5. Dexter
Our newest show obsession revolves around the loveable Dexter, blood spatter analyst by day, serial killer by night.  It takes crime scene investigation shows to a whole new level.  The twisted character development and suspenseful plots just make this show so compelling.  It can be a bit vulgar with the sex and language (what do you expect from Showtime?) but the excessiveness of it somehow comically lightens the dark tone of the show (i.e. Deb's potty mouth...some of her expressions are priceless!)

6. Fringe
J.J. Abrams comes up with some of the smartest and creative shows/films (Alias, Lost, Star Trek), but oftentimes they lose their intelligence and just become "crap shows".  Fringe has managed to maintain its intrigue through this 3rd season.  As a lover of sci-fi, this show is a perfect blend of nerdy concepts, good plot, and great characters.

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