Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Peace That Transcends

It's been one crazy day...the new hire (my replacement) at the clinic started today.  She seems really nice and I think she will fit in with the staff very well.  I was not really prepared to have a "shadow" today, so still being tired from our travels meant I had to force myself to be extra perky and friendly today.  After looking at the calendar and talking with my supervisor, we decided that the week before Christmas will be my last week at the pain clinic.  I'll be sad to go, I am truly blessed to have such a cool job working with a fun doc, but I am moving toward becoming a fun doc of my own!

Mid-day sometime, Matt called me at work with some bad news and some good news.  The bad news is that we didn't get the house 3 blocks from MC like we hoped.  The landlord decided to rent to the other girl that was there when we were because she "gave him the application first". Lame.  BUT, he then told Matt that he has a 2 bedroom townhouse in Clinton, about 1/2mile from MC available.  The rent is more in our price range, large yard with a private patio, and laundry in the basement.  He didn't have any pictures to send because he "didn't know how to upload them on the computer", so we had to make a quick decision basically blind.  But we decided to go ahead and put down a deposit for this townhouse since it is still very close to school and is in our price range.  So we will have a home down south - praise the Lord!!  Hopefully it isn't a nasty surprise and will be just as/if not nicer than the house he was renting. 

After work I headed to my "second job" as a freelance pianist to accompany the Oshkosh Youth Choir at their first concert this season - singing for the cute ol' men and women of the Evergreen Retirement Community.  It was fun, I like performing (and hate rehearsing) so it was nice to work with the kids when they were at their best rather than the usual crazy rehearsal nights when they are bouncing off the walls.

Between these two events I was able to quickly say hello to the hubz as he was heading off to his job.  He informed my that our (current) landlord called and told him that she wants to show our apartment to a prospective renter tomorrow afternoon.  AAAH!  We just got back from a week of traveling and left our house a pig-sty and have less than 24 hours to make it spic-and-span....

So I am exhausted.  Lots of activity today, both physically running around and mentally thinking and planning.  I want to just relax and work on some crafts (operation crafty christmas has begun...), but I need to make the house "show worthy" before tomorrow morning.  Honestly, I probably could have been nearly finished by this hour if I had actually started cleaning when I got home from my accompanying gig.  But I am a lazy-pants.  And a stress-face.  And the dogs have been running around like mad dogs and have been driving me nuts.

But despite the crazy feelings going through my mind this evening, I said a little prayer asking for peace and relief from the anxiety that I've been bottling up all day.  And you know what...I feel better.  I don't know why it is always so hard for me to just PRAY and lift my requests to God, because whether it's a big or little issue, my Savior is transcendent over all.  And that makes me happy.

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 ...also, Matt just came home with an Egg Nog shake from McD's, which is making me quite happy :)  Now time for us to clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere!  Have a peaceful night!!

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  1. Oh wow!!! You sound like such a busy bee. Not only that, but putting a deposit down on a house that you haven't seen? Wowo. I hope it's everything you wanted. Can't wait to hear more :)

    <3 Ash