Thursday, December 23, 2010

So Long, Farewell...

Today officially marked the first day of official goodbyes.  I had my last piano lessons today, and it was so difficult saying goodbye to my students.  It makes me feel so proud to have students who love to learn and love music, and I am honored to have been their mentor.  I made it through without crying, even though one of my students did cry as I was leaving :(

Tomorrow is my last day working at the clinic.  I meant to bake a tasty treat for them, but didn't have time today, so I'll probably just pick something up on my way in (me = lameface).  It's been a great experience working under such an awesome doctor, and I know his relational approach with patients and medicine is something I want to take with me on my path to becoming a physician.  Also, I worked with some lovely ladies and am so to call them friends!

Christmas is going to be the last time we see some of our relatives, so I hope that we make wonderful memories this Christmas to last us the long year (maybe plus) down south!!

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