Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hey Y'all!

Last Friday we began our road trip down to our new home state of Mississippi. We packed up a 26' moving truck with all our belongings (piano included) and began our 900+ mile journey.

If you follow me on Twitter, you got live updates, but here is a quick recap:
-hit lots of fog in IL
-drove through St. Louis just in time to see NYE fireworks
-arrived at hotel at 3am in Sikeston, MO where we received a 10% AARP
-hit a gas station overhang with the top of the moving truck in West Memphis, AR
-arrived to our apartment in Clinton, MS around 7pm
-discovered we had no power and no water in the apartment (in WI where it's cold, landlords are required to keep utilities on in unoccupied rentals due to the cold - not so in the south...)
-stayed in a hotel for 2 nights, were told utilities wouldn't be turned on until the 6th
-we were invited to stay with the woman from the church committee who interviewed Matt in her amazing country home
-our doggies JoJo and McGhee are too dumb to realize we've left "home" and are still just happy as can be
-attended Wednesday night service at the church Matt is applying for the worship leader and youth leader positions
-Matt is now in a "temporary" position until the church body takes a vote in 2 weeks, and all seems to be go for launch - praise the Lord!

We are now waiting in the airport to fly back to WI for the weekend to attend our good friends' wedding. I'm excited to see family and friends and familiar roads, but not excited for the snow and cold (it is currently sunny and 50 degrees here in Jackson).

My plan to have the apartment all organized and pretty-fied was foiled by the lack of power and water, so poor Matt will have to take charge of that on Monday when I start classes for my graduate program at MC. It is definitely different here in the south, but once we get settled and more familiar with our surroundings I think we will feel more like we are "home".


  1. I'm assuming that last pic is of the college, not your apartment building? The tower kind of gives that away.

    Congrats on everything going so well - will pray for a good beginning for classes and a great vote for Matt!

    For what it is worth, my word verification is "cozym" - maybe a sign that your place will be made very cozy by Matt when you are in class!

  2. Sounds like an adventure to start this new stage of your life!