Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Study in Studying

It has been about 3 years since I have had to study for school. So it has been real fun trying to get back into that academic mindset. Especially now that I'm a graduate student (in a rigorous pre-medical master's program), I feel like I need to kick up my study habits and work like I've never worked before. But some things just don't change:

1.) I hate studying in libraries. The ambience is just not conducive to my ability to focus. Probably because it is quiet...too quiet.

2.) I use the highlighter sparingly. Nothing is worse than buying a used book for class, flipping through pages, and seeing that EVERY paragraph is highlighted. It's a tool to attract your eyes to something important, not cause neon blindness while reading.

3.) I like to be comfortable when studying. Not "lay in bed" comfortable, but comfortable enough that I'm not wiggling around in my seat every two seconds because my butt hurts. (another reason for #1)

4.) I take notes while I'm reading. I then compare these notes to my lecture notes. Double your pleasure, double your fun...double your ability to learn crazy concepts and piece it all together and remember it for the rest of your life.

5.) The iPad has made my note-taking a highly organized process, thanks to an elephant.

6.) I need to listen to music or have white noise in the background. Call me weird, but it helps me focus more by having something to "tune out."

7.) Munchies are a necessity...if I forget some noms, it's just as bad as forgetting my textbook. They don't call it brain food for nothin'.

What are your study habits/quirks?

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  1. I adore Evernote! I use it for both Bible study notes and creative prompts.

    I study well in coffee shops (yea for coffee and munchies someone else makes for me), for similar white noise reasons - I can usually tune out the background noise well. I've always been a note taker, though in recent years, I tend to take the notes directly in the book (margins) as well as notebooks.