Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My Facebook newsfeed was flooded today with updates and photos of the snowpocalypse that has hit my home state of WI. I must admit, it did make me miss snow, even though it has only been a month since we moved down south. (I never thought I'd say that i actually miss snow!)

I miss snowmen and snow forts, sledding and skiing, watching the flakes drift down outside your window and drift up against your door...

The pretty blanket of fresh white snow is the best. 2 days later when it turns into brown slush...not so much.

But I am so jealous of the pretty snow and all the relaxing snow days being had!

It was 70 degrees last Saturday, but now it is about 35 and overcast/rainy. I'd take snow over this cold rain. It's depressing.

I hope you all are enjoying God's beautiful blankets of white and are staying safe if you didn't get a snow day and have to drive to and fro!!

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