Sunday, February 20, 2011

Study Break

Well, it has been a very long week. After the first big medical physiology test last two weeks ago, I am now getting ready for the first big endocrinology test this week. Med Phys was definitely and eye opener - half the class got F's, there were only three A's. I did slightly better than half the class by pulling a D. OUCH... Dr. Baldwin gave us a motivational speech about fighting past the emotions and working hard to achieve our goals. "if you want to go to med school, this is what it's like, except 3x as stressful". Eeek! What a wake up call. I know I didn't prepare as well as I could have for that exam, so I am trying REALLY hard to make it up and work my butt off for the rest of this semester. The whole point of me enrolling in this grad program was to prove to myself that I DO have a good work ethic and that I WANT to go to med school. Luckily that first test is only worth 7.5% of our final grade, so hypothetically, if someone failed and then aced the next few exams (which are each worth more of our grade), they still can get an A in the class. My goal for myself for the next exam on kidney physiology is a B. But that is next week...this week it's all about hormones and the endocrine system for my endocrinology class.

Personal life is going OK. Matt and I still feel a bit lost in our new southern environment and it still doesn't feel like home. Matt is trying to establish himself in his role as music director at church, but he is still in search of full-time work during the week so that we can be financially stable. And our apartment is still unorganized and uninviting because we are too busy or too lazy to unpack and organize the rest of the boxes. This has definitely been trying on our marriage, as I want to support him and help out, but at the same time I need to be 100% focused on school (which makes me feel selfish and guilty). But God provided (as always) this week through a woman at church who hired Matt to do some painting and work on a house property that they are getting ready to lease/sell. Also, today at church another woman gave me a check and said that God put it on her heart to help us out, without even fully knowing what our current financial situation is. What a blessing!! I'll be writing some very gracious thank you notes tomorrow!


  1. Hey, good to get an update! Praying for you guys everyday, and I'm glad to hear about Matt getting some work and the people at church helping you out a bit!

    Your endocrine system drawing looks great :) Best of luck on your exam!

  2. What your professor left out is that, while yes med school is hard and stressful, med school is really more fun than undergrad. You're surrounded my smart people who make you competitive, you're learning information relevant to you future and if all else fails you have USMLE hanging over your head to make sure you study enough. ;-)

    Don't let them scare you. Med school is not nearly as bad as people made it out to be before I got here. I was pleasantly surprised at how much free time and happiness I have here.

    That could of course be because I go to a very friendly school with a fabulous curriculum layout and half-day lectures. Who knows?!

    Anyway, don't let them scare you. It isn't that bad.