Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Got the Power...

...or, not really.

Matt and I were gone today while he was working painting on a house down in Florence (where our church is).  When we got home, we realized our AC wasn't working.  Earlier this week, we had an electrician come replace our main breaker which was burnt out and was getting tripped by our AC unit.  So since we just had it fixed, there shouldn't be anything wrong, right?  So Matt reset the breaker, and upon doing so, the power went out.  Not just in our apartment, but in the whole townhouse building and the building next to ours.  Coincidence...?

About an hour later, the troubleshooter from the energy company came and turned the power back on.  About 10 minutes later (upon trying to turn the AC back on), the power went out again.  When the troubleshooter returned, he checked all the meters for the building and all that other fun electrical stuff. turns out that the wiring BEHIND our main breaker was totally fried, and the electrician must have missed it earlier this week because of the way the breaker is designed (don't ask  So basically, he was able to turn the power back on for all the other townhouse units EXCEPT ours.  Since it's an electrical problem, the landlord needs to get it fixed.

So here we are, staying at the dog-friendly hotel nearby.  Thankfully, our landlord will reimburse us for our stay.  We've just had so many problems with this apartment so far, its a little bit frustrating.  But we are thankful that we at least have a roof over our heads.


Oh, and I'm sure you are all DYING to know where I got the quote I posted yesterday.  In honor of St. Patty's, I chose a quote from the violent yet hilarious cult classic, The Boondock Saints.  This particular quote was from Willem Dafoe's character after his partners figured out a murder scene.  He does a little jig and it is quite hilarious.


In other news, my spring break week is over.  Time to enjoy the weekend before heading back to class on Monday!!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. My goodness. What a non-comedy of errors. I hope it gets fixed soon, and that you've had a good first day back from spring break!