Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brain Food

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I need to snack while I'm studying.  Maybe it's because I eat during stressful situations.  Maybe I need to actively move my jaw like a cud-chewing cow to stay awake and focus.  Maybe it's because I just like to eat.  Yup, i think it's that last one.

Thanks to the lovely Oh, Mishka, I discovered a powerhouse snack food for my late night study marathon: Roasted Chickpeas!  I tweaked her recipe a bit, and decided to just use seasoned salt.  I figured something spicy wouldn't be the best idea for a late night snack.  Boy are these li'l guys TASTY!  Also, I don't feel guilty eating handfuls of them because chickpeas are a healthy food :)  win.

But wait...there's more.  Of course, with all that salty goodness, I needed something sweet to balance out my tastebuds.  So Matt made a white cake from scratch, and I made some peanut butter frosting to put on it.  YUM.  So much for the healthy snacks.

And what about the "brain food" that helps me procrastinate and avoid studying?  Because it's not really a time waster if you are learning something or exercising your mind, right?!

Well first there is, an abundant treasure trove of interesting factoids and links from the interwebz.  Mental Floss also hosts a monthly trivia contest called How Did You Know? which is like an online easter egg hunt.  A site that I just recently rediscovered is, with all of it's ridiculous quizzes, like the Chemical Element Border Blitz!  I also have a plethora of crossword and sudoku puzzle books around the apartment.  Lastly, have you heard about Google's new daily search engine trivia game?  A Google a Day is a creative way to learn new and interesting facts while at the same time, allowing Google to do research on their search engine capabilities.  Every day the question gets harder and harder (a la NYTimes Crosswords).  It's pretty fun!

OK, 5 more days of cramming and examming, and I will be officially done with my first semester of grad school!  I can do this!


  1. Those chickpeas sound delicious! I might have to make some; I am addicted to snacking. :)

  2. Those chickpeas sound delicious! I might have to make some; I am addicted to snacking. :)