Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday's Child

Did you know that I was born on a Tuesday?!  It's a day of random facts and musings for you:

*Matt and I have been watching episode after episode of Mythbusters on Netflix.  Gotta love crazy science experiments and blowing things up!

*Voice actor James Arnold Taylor is always saying inspirational things on his Twitter/FB page.  The other day he posted "Never forget that you have a heart beating inside you that needs to achieve more than just living!" It is so easy to get stuck in a daily routine, but God's purpose for us is SO much more than that, and every moment of every day we should strive to live and serve with passion to bring glory and honor to Christ.  I definitely need that reminder often!

*Our internet service has become very sporadic and stops working multiple times throughout the day.  It never did this until about a month ago.  Matt has been keeping a log of how many times it poops out, and we'll be reporting it soon.

*We've been married for 2 years and still haven't been on a honeymoon vacation.  Weeeelllll, turns out that there is an AMAZING giveaway on the blog Oh Happy Day for a Paris vaction for two!  How perfect!  Go check it out and enter (or don't enter, because I want to win!  lol) - http://ohhappyday.com/2011/06/goes-to-paris/

*Lastly, a photo of God's lovely handiwork:


  1. Mythbusters is a fantastic show. And I love that new about me picture! Is that one of your freezer paper stencils? Looks awesome.

  2. I know! That show is so great! It would be so much fun to do crazy experiments for a living...

    and YES! that is one of my freezer paper stencils! made it just in time for SWW. glad you like it! it's one of the few that i've mad that have truly turned out well. most of them have bled a little.