Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Few Things I Miss

Musical Theatre
Ever since middle school, when I fell in love with Les Miserables, I've been a die-hard musical theatre fan. I performed in every one of my high school theatre productions and was involved in multiple community theatres through my college years. Somehow, my life got too busy, and I stopped auditioning due to one conflict or another. I really miss performing, I think there is still some teeny-tiny part of me that still wishes I could be a Broadway star.
Anita in West Side Story
Nehebka in Aida
Lindy Hop
I was introduced to this amazing dance form in college where I became an active member of LSD, the Lawrence Swing Dancers. What started as just a weekly Friday night activity turned into an OBSESSION. I wanted to take classes, I wanted to teach classes, I wanted to go to dance exchanges and conventions and festivals. I built a crazy huge library of swing music in my iTunes. Unfortunately, my fellow swing friends graduated and moved all across the country(as did I), and I have been unable to locate any swing dancing venues here in MS. If/when we move back to WI, I am definitely getting involved with swing again.
a perk of dancing almost every day...looking skinny...*sigh*
social dancing is FUN!
Watch this to see the lindy hop gods in action.
Dancing starts around 2:40

ok, ok, I know I am a piano teacher and I still play piano regularly for church every week. But I really miss working on serious repertoire, playing music written by great composers, and training myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is something that I hope to remedy. The other day I browsed through my collection of sheet music for new and old repertoire that I want to start digging into. In high school, I played every single day, for hours and hours. In college, I never wanted to play, because practice was "work" and recitals and juries were stressful. Now I want to go back to my pre-academia days and just focus on making music and satisfying my soul.

Do you have any activities that you were seriously involved in and have stopped doing them? Do you miss it?


  1. LOVE the Lindy Hop video - wowsa! I hear ya girl... find the time to do what you love!

  2. i was at that dance in your second lindy hop photo! that's where madison found out about lawrence! =)

    for me, it's definitely dance...mostly lindy, since i don't have the inclination to return to my pre-college competitive irish dance ventures. i miss orchestra (i was first violin), but much of what i miss was the community, and not just the playing, so i think i'm okay with leaving that in high school. HS photography, also -- LOVED the darkroom, but i don't have the time or money to continue to feed that hobby. but dancing, that feeds my *soul*...tonight was the first time i've been out two consecutive weeks since WELL before we were married -- probably close to 3 years. and once, this was more important than my college classes...

  3. @angela - exactly! finding time to do things i love is definitely a priority. we all know that being happy and content just leads to a better lifestyle!

    @katie - so glad you had the chance to get out and dance! funny you mention the community aspect of orchestra, because i think that is what draws a lot of us to lindy as well. it is a social dance, after all!! but since there aren't any venues here (seems like new orleans is the nearest swing spot), i've been thinking about just focusing on some solo charleston to get my fix! i just SO miss having the rhythm in my feet!!

  4. I miss musical theatre so much. I'm running out of years where I'll be young enough to play Eliza Doolittle!

  5. I miss musical theatre so much. I'm running out of years where I'll be young enough to play Eliza Doolittle!

  6. I can relate! I miss dance soo much. But feel too old and out of shape to go back! I would love to buff up on tap dancing and then audition for the chorus of Thoroughly Modern Millie! That would be amazing... but probably not possible!

  7. Oh, and if there were ever a stage version of Emperor's New Grove... I would love to audition for the part of Yzma. I do a great Yzma voice! : ) (And hopefully it wouldn't be a "singing" part!) : )

  8. Me too!! I'm gonna get my tap shoes out of my dusty old closet at my parents house when we go visit. We can brush up on our skillz together!

  9. "is that my voice? is that MY voice?!?! ....oh well" hahaha. love it!