Saturday, July 30, 2011


This week I made a new guitar strap so that Matt can use the current guitar strap for his acoustic bass.  We are singing a little folksy song at our church's music night on Sunday.  He is playing bass and I am playing guitar.  We did this once before at church, and it was overall a fun musical moment.

Now, my brother and sister are both amazing guitar players after teaching themselves how to play.  My sister has moved on to banjo and ukelele as well.  My dad plays guitar. My mom used to play guitar.  Matt plays bass guitar.  Looks like guitar skillz run in the family, right?


My fingertips are burning from the metal strings.  My wrist hurts from awkwardly contorting my hand into chord shapes.  I can't strum evenly - with or without pick.  To sum it up, I actually have to work/practice this instrument (novel concept, I know...).

I never really felt like I had to "work" hard to learn piano.  It naturally came to me. (But don't get me wrong, I learned how to "work" the piano when I got to college and had to prepare for juries and recitals and the wrath of my professor each week...)  So this guitar business is a bit frustrating.  I'll be practicing all day today so that I don't sound like a toy monkey tomorrow night.

Maybe I should hold off on guitar for now and just learn to play the keytar so I can rock it like this dude.


  1. Thanks for the laugh of the day! I couldn't look away! I feel the same way about guitar.

  2. I'm trying to pick up the ukulele, but I can still only play two songs (and one not that well). Luckily, I think it's softer on the fingers than the guitar.

    I gave you a blog award!
    But feel free to ignore it if you like, I won't be offended.

    (Actually, if you could delete that old comment somehow, I'd appreciate it :)

  3. That video wasn't for laughs, I'm totally serious...

    ...hahaha! just kidding. but keytar is a pretty awesome instrument. right up there with the melodica!

  4. How fun! I think the ukulele is super neat! Thanks for the blog award! I'll post tomorrow :)

    and I deleted that other comment for ya :)

  5. Well it was seriously funny. They were good actually in a very quirky way. :-)

  6. Nate and I have determined that since we (C-tones :P) have a good bassist (Matt), a good pianist (you), and two guitarists, that one of us would have to be the drummer. And since Nate is now the better guitarist, we figured that left me -- random instrument girl (banjo/uke/back up guitar) -- to be drummer. Haha :P He's been trying to teach me. I have a few beats down, but we're probs gonna have to stay in 4/4 and my fills will sound terrible. HAha