Sunday, August 21, 2011

M&M's Great Wisconsin Tour

Wisconsin.  It's home.  The past two weeks were just wonderful.  We were so blessed to have the chance to see all our family and friends without any hassle/stress.  It was busy, for sure, but we never felt rushed or out of time.  We took HUNDREDS of photos, you can see all of them here (some are highly edited, but a lot turned out great right away! Maybe I DO know a little bit about my camera settings!)...but I'd like to share some of my select favorites to give you a brief overview of what we all did:

Attended a friend's wedding.
Ate out everyday.  Here's my family (minus matt and brother nate) at Sheridan's Cafe.
sleepy lion at the zoo! 

Dinner date with Matt.
Romantic evening at the Sheridan Botique Hotel.

Driving downtown.
Pine Lake Camp:

With the Parks' - dear friends and brother and sister in Christ.
(also our jam session buddies!)
With our brother and sister (in-law for me!) and our nephew!
Downtown College Ave.
Met up with some awesome friends at Bazil's.
Visited the ol' stomping grounds - the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music.

The lovely LU Chapel stage. 

Car Travels:


Goodbye, Wisconsin! I miss you!! Until next time!!


  1. It looks like your trip was fab. I need to get to the Milwaukee Zoo. If I've ever been it was when I was little and don't remember it. We always just went to the free zoo in Madison growing up. I am pretty certain we have the same blanket your dogs were sleeping on. And you saw the arch, St. Louis, my second (or third) home :).

  2. You should go visit! The zoo is one of my favorite places in Milwaukee. But Madison is pretty awesome for having a FREE zoo. Hahaha, yeah, we took that blanket from my parents house. I think those blankets are like those old Corningware sets, every family has one!