Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lazy Pants

I've been too lazy to blog, but today I've been too lazy to do productive work so I thought I'd write up a blog post.  HA!  I've been keeping pretty busy the past couple of weeks.  School is going well, I have a really easy class schedule which allows for me to get a lot of reading/studying/research done at my leisure.

I haven't started working in the lab yet, because the professor I'm working with is still waiting on getting his funding transferred over, so he's assigned a bunch of reading for me to look over in the meantime.  It's been encouraging that I am actually taking charge of my independent study and am trying to learn as much as I can about our research.

journal articles, protocol handbooks, webinars, oh my!!
It cooled off for a few days last week and I was LOVING it!  It felt like fall was on it's way...but alas, it got hot again and I'm cursing the 80/90 degree weather.  At least it isn't as humid as earlier in the summer.  In anticipation of fall, I wanted to make a wreath to spruce up our front door and give it a personalized touch to set it apart from the other 3 doors in our townhouse unit.  I'm happy with the result!!

welcome, fall!!
see the little sticker under the "C"? It was there when we moved in - it says "Awesome".
Lastly, remember when I was thinking about starting a journal? Well I finally found the perfect little notebooks - the Moleskine special edition Star Wars notebooks!!  They were just made available on Friday, but I pre-ordered mine on Amazon (it was cheaper there, too) and got mine in the mail today!  One is lined and the other is plain, so I am going to use the lined one as a writing journal and the plain one as an "inspiration"/doodle journal.  I love 'em!!

the force is strong with these notebooks...
So that's a quick update - after sleeping in embarrassingly late, I will probably be up all night finishing some reading for class and for my research.  I need to get SOMETHING done today!


  1. Thanks! I love yarn wreaths, but also wanted to embellish it with fun stuff I found at the craft store :)

  2. I am so ready for fall! The occasional "unproductive" day is good for you. It helps rejuvenate those thought processes.

    I love the notebooks! It is so much easier and fun to write in notebooks that we like the looks of.

    And I LOVE the wreath! You did a good job.

    Have fun with school and the research. I'm looking forward to reading your research!

  3. Ohhh! So THAT'S what you were making.. Nice nice! I get too lazy to do craft projects unless they take like 5 minutes to make... I think this wreath here suits my palette.

  4. Very true...I definitely needed the extra sleep today. I know I won't be able to sleep and I'm a night owl anyway, so I'm getting ready to work hard all night with rejuvenated neurons!! :)

    And thanks! I can't wait to start playing around in lab to see what we can discover!

  5. :-D Yes, yarn wreaths are sooooo easy to make, you can definitely do it!! It does take a couple hours to wrap around the yarn, but just put on a good movie (like Star Wars!) and you'll be done in no time!!

  6. That's how my day was yesterday. It was definitely not a productive day. And I'm so ready for fall. MO likes to tease us.

  7. Oh my...I LOVE those notebooks! I had no clue they were coming out (am I a bad nerd for that?).

    The wreath is beautiful & has just given me the itch to make something to spruce up our yucky door so I can welcome my favorite season the right way. Guess that's one more thing to add to my long list of projects...LOL!

  8. SUPER cute wreath! What kind of form did you wrap the yarn around? I want to try!

  9. Hope you finally got productive! And fall is here (hopefully)!!

  10. They were kinda secretive about the notebooks - they didn't have an official release date for a long time.

    Be sure to share pics of your wreath when you are done making it ;)

  11. Thanks, twin! I just bought a foam wreath thingy from the craft store. Easy peasy!