Wednesday, October 19, 2011

...when autumn leaves start to fall.

Some Wednesday randoms...

*It's 55 degrees outside.  I'm sure native Mississippians are hating this, but I LOVE it!  This is what fall should feel like.  I finished crocheting a cowl last night and was excited to be able to wear it today!

*I've been getting really bad migraines lately - I've had them off and on for the past couple years, but never this many within the span of a couple weeks.  I think I figured out the culprit though...I bought a new shampoo, an extra body volumizing shampoo, and I think it is adding too much extra weight so it's putting constant tension on my head.  That's my guess!  Time to find another shampoo...

*I discovered a (old) new-to-me show on Netflix called DogTown.  It's about the Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, a no kill animal shelter.  This National Geographic series featured stories of abused, homeless, or injured dogs who were rescued and taken to live in DogTown.  It follows their rehabilitation and usually ends with them going to their forever homes!  It's an awesome show for any animal lover to watch!

*Because of a migraine as mentioned above, I didn't get to do any real quality studying for my medical microbiology exam this past Monday.  I did not feel prepared and felt uneasy during the exam.  Well, God is good because I got my exam back today and made an A on it!  woop woop!

*Anyone know where this post's title comes from?  It's a lyric from one of my favorite jazz standards.

Hope you are having a great week!!


  1. I am sorry that you are getting so many migraines. Stress can cause them. While you're doing what you love, you could still be under stress that you aren't fully aware of. I'm praying for you.

    I LOVE jazz. I'm a standards fan, I don't like much of what's coming out now.

    You did a great job on that cowl. It looks so good!

  2. your cowl is just adorable! I love it!:) and I hope your migraines have gotten better!

  3. Hopefully you can get rid of the migraines soon! I've been getting them more this year than I usually do, wonder if it has to do with the weather or something.

    I've not heard of DogTown before, but not sure if I could handle watching it. Just knowing the back stories of the furbabies would make me be a sobbing mess the whole time. I about break down in PetSmart when I read that a pup is up for adoption because they were abandoned. And don't even mention the ASPCA commercials! Glad they are doing great things with the pups though.

    Hope you feel better soon & LOVE the cowl!