Thursday, December 1, 2011

Makin' a list...

Ah, December!  In a couple weeks we celebrate my 27th birthday and a couple weeks after that and we celebrate Christmas.  Which means I get to fawn over neat stuff that I don't really need but like to look at in hopes that someone will bequeath these items to me.

2011 has been the year of geeky T-shirts for me.  So what a way to end the year than to get some of the awesome apparel offered at (Isn't Ashley Eckstein aka Ahsoka Tano super cute?)

It has also been a year of new beginnings for what is hopefully going to be a wonderful journey towards a science career.  So how about some science books by one of my favorite science writers, Carl Zimmer?

November brought forth a bunch of new video games, which Matt and I WILL possess by the end of the year...

Or how about some gift cards for some craftypants stores?

But truly, my most favorite gift this December will be getting to go home to WI for a couple weeks to spend time with family!!  I miss them so!!!

What is on your wish list this Christmas?


  1. Well we are getting one huge gift this year that I'm super excited about, my very first brand-spankin' new couch! But if we weren't getting that, I would be happy with geeky shirts & a mountain of yarn. Glad we're getting the couch, because I'm not sure the craft room could take another mountain of yarn. LOL

  2. Whens your birthday!??? Happy almost birthday girl! Hope you get everything on your list! Oh to be 27 again! :-D Enjoy it! BTW, what a great selection of t shirts!

    Janette, the Jongleur