Friday, January 20, 2012

Don't Mess With Mr. In-between

Continuing from last week, I want to list five positive things from my week.  I think I will try to make this a weekly Friday post as a way of reflecting on the good before going into the weekend.

1 - I slept in this morning and it felt great :)

2 - My western blot turned out pretty darn close to textbook perfect this week! (Compare with my first blot seen here in a SciSat post.)  Affirmation from the professor I'm working with made it even better.  Here's hoping I can replicate those results next week!

The dark bands at the top are the specific protein that I was probing for.
3 - Matt and I watched all the Lord of the Rings films (extended versions) for the billionth time.  Those movies are some of the best cinematic productions, as well as best film adaptations of a book, in the history of film.  We are now working our way through the appendices (special features) and will probably re-watch them with commentaries :)  It's a wonderfully vicious cycle!

4 - I successful made dinner!  Haha.  It's no secret that I can't really cook.  Well, I tried out a crock pot recipe the other night and it turned out pretty tasty!

5 - I "beat" the main storyline of Skyrim, so now I am having fun doing side quests, leveling up, and fighting more dragons.  I've barely scratched the surface of what that game has to offer!!

I hope you've had many positives this week - enjoy your weekend!!


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  1. I love crock pots. Congrats on your blot turning out so well!

    I love that you and Lydia are doing the five positive things. It is encouraging!

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts