Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mozart!

A lot of musicians dislike Mozart for his happy-go-lucky and predictable tonal compositions (cough, cough, Matt).  His music doesn't really make you smarter.  His music isn't particularly driven by overt emotion.  It music isn't transcendental like Beethoven or Liszt, it isn't as melodious as Chopin, nor is it anywhere as harmonically complex as Bach or Brahms.  But sometimes we overlook the beauty in simplicity.  Sometimes we just need to take in a breath of fresh air.

Here's a recording from my senior recital of the first movement from Mozart's Sonata in C major, K330 - not the "famous" C major sonata...the better one ;)  Definitely botched the trills in the recapitulation (the final section where the main theme returns), but it's still one of my favorite pieces to play!

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  1. I love Mozart, but then I'm not a musician. That piece is one of my favorite to listen to. Thank you for posting your recital. =>

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