Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The obligatory resolutions post.

2011 was a year of significant change.  We moved cross country.  I realized that I didn't want to become a physician and that I'd like to pursue science research.  I think one thing that did remain constant was learning to thrive as a young married couple on a tight financial budget ;)

2012 is going to bring even more change.  My future is still up in the air as I wait to hear back from graduate schools for a prized interview slot and a secure position in a PhD program.  Will we move yet again? Will we stay in Mississippi?

While these things are still uncertain, one thing that I DO have control of is my own personal well-being.  New year goals are often made but rarely kept, but it's still fun to jot down aspirations and cling to the hope that I can keep them!

1.) I want to do all that I can to prepare myself to become a good scientist.  In my research, I want to ask questions and look for answers, read more journal articles, and become active at commenting on my favorite science blogs or Google+ posts.

2.) I've tried year after year to start a "Read the Bible in a Year" plan and pretty much set myself up for failure.  But I've realized that it isn't a race - and that is what most plans seem like.  Rather than trying to read cover to cover, I want to spend QUALITY time in the Word, letting God speak into my life at the moment.  Reading chronologically won't do that for me.  I don't want to treat the Bible as another textbook to schedule into my study time.  I want it to truly be life-changing.

3.) I want to commit myself to being a better wife - selfless and serving.  Simple as that.

4.) I am an introvert, and I am awful at keeping in touch with even my closest family and friends. (Naturally, this is why I started blogging - to have a place for people to "keep in touch" without me actually having to communicate directly...heh)  This year, I want to be better at making phone or Skype dates.  I want to write handwritten letters and cards.  I want to get better at small talk conversations.

5.) I want to read more for leisure.  There are so many great books that I've started and never finished.  I need to get caught up in the Song of Ice and Fire series.  I want to re-read The Hobbit and LOTR before the new movie comes out.  I want to start some new series.  I love to read, but just never make time.  2012 is the time to make time!

6.) I want to get back into playing the piano.  Without having to worry about juries or recitals, I should enjoy practicing because it will be for ME and for no one else.

What are your goals for 2012?


  1. Oh such nice goals.. I'm with you on 4.. I'm sooo bad at small talk and avoid it at all costs... church..I offer to clean up after lunch just to avoid talking to That's sooo bad huh? I want to be better about that.. It's not about being comfortable, right? It's about getting out there and doing what the Lord wants you to do..and I think He wants me to talk to people and stop emailing them...

    Question.. why didn't you want to become a Physician?

    Happy New Year!!!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  2. Great list of goals! Reading more is one on my list too. After moving & wedding planning, I'm ready for a year that allows me more time for some of my favorite activities.

    When you mentioned being an introvert, I couldn't help but think of how I got you to start talking. I'm so glad we've become friends! Hope you have an amazing 2012! It's a year where dreams will come true...I just know it!

  3. I have all the same ones -- except for the scientist one! ;) It's nice to take stock. Best wishes for the New Year!

  4. Good goals! I can relate with being an introvert. I'm really wanting to work on my friendships. I'm striving to keep in better contact with my best friend. We are both introverts. Haha.

    For reading lesuirely, all my reading life I've made sure to have time. Even if it is 30 mins before bed. My husband actually started doing that because he is very busy with work, but realized just 30 mins before bed of reading is very helpful. Maybe that can help you too!

    And I keep meaning to respond to your blog comment. I'm kind of in a weird emotional place with the Les Mis casting news. I can email you about it and explain, cos its kind of convoluted. :)

    Hope you have a great year! I'm praying for you as you wait to hear from the programs.

  5. I love your goals. They are all great!

    I'm with you on reading the Bible through in a year. It does become a race. I've done it in the past but last few years it feels too rote. I have signed up for the daily Bible verse (it comes with a very short commentary, which I like) and for the Daily Readings from the Catholic Online. Neither of those take me through the Bible in a year but both give me a good "dose" of scripture each day.

    I can't relate to the introvert although I am surrounded by a bunch of introverts so I can understand your feelings from watching them. I am an extrovert, completely and solidly, extroverted. Ha!

    I'm praying that you get into the school you want to be in! I think the waiting part is the hardest.

    Happy New Year! ♥
    Lily-Thinking Thoughts