Saturday, January 21, 2012

Science Saturday: Music Video Edition

This week, I'd like to feature some amazing YouTube videos that help promote science, teach a science concept, or just show how science is fun!  Enjoy!

1.) Grab your periodic table and follow along as rock band They Might Be Giants sing us through "The Elements."

2.) Musical parodies can be found by the handful on the internet, but this Lady Gaga "Telephone" parody takes the cake for being one of the most clever science music videos.  They have the lyrics posted, so you can sing along with "Chromosome."

3.) Symphony of Science takes video clips from science documentaries or lectures and autotunes them to create these catchy music videos.  The whole series can be found here, but "The Quantum World" is one of my favorites. (Matt and I will sometimes randomly start singing the chorus...nerd city...)

4.) PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is a laboratory technique used to amplify a piece of DNA to quickly produce multiple copies.  The "We Are the World"-style supergroup, "Scientist for a Better PCR", give us a brief history on PCR and it's applications.


  1. funny...i liked the autotune one. =)

    the lady gaga was clever, but she falls a little short on that first high note and then it's kind of hard to listen to. =/

    all of these reminded me of a parody -- "my oh my, mitosis" -- that a friend and i came across while in AP bio in high school. here's the link, but be warned -- it's probably the same website we found seven years ago, terrible midi tune and all (

    we're going to a TMBG concert this friday, which i am very excited about -- i've never seen them before, whereas matt has and had a lot of fun. i'm looking forward to it. =)

  2. yeah that was me who posted nerd

    ur nerdy dad