Friday, February 24, 2012

5 Positives From This Week

Despite my congested nasopharynx and my messy hair, I decided to do my 5 positives a bit differently this week...vlog style!!  Hope you can bear with my randomness...


  1. Love this!Hope the iphone lives up to your expectations.

    I now know more about the girl geek culture than I ever thought I would... I'm not even sure I realized that there WAS a subsection just for girls!

  2. I love the vlog. One of these days maybe I'll get brave enough to do one. I'm not a fan of seeing myself in pictures or in videos so we'll see.

    I'm glad your phone came in. I love my iPhone! My cell phone is an appendage and the iPhone has made it even more of an appendage. I strongly suggest you get a car power charger, my iPhone eats battery life like crazy (and I have done a lot of the things people suggest to spare the battery).

    Thank you for praying for Lydia. I was so excited when she called me!

    I haven't finished the first book of GoT but I am excited for the second season on HBO.

    Have fun playing the piano tonight. I'm looking forward to your Science Saturday post. I really do love reading it and following the links.

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  3. you cna make it a 5.5 + by playing the cello :)
    +++++++ for the power of prayer

  4. This was a nifty idea! I like how you did this vlog style. May I borrow this idea and do my fives vlog style one day?

    Your positives are great! I'm happy you got your iPhone, I remember how excited I was. Although yours has Siri! She is hilarious. And I need to check this nerd girl site out. It's so true that there aren't many options for nerd girls.

    I'm glad you're getting more reading done in A Clash of Kings! It seriously feels like I read that ages ago because so much happens. I can't wait till season 2. Though I'll probably be watching it the next day, because we don't have TV. Ha.

    And thank for praying for me! I'm glad my answered prayer was a positive for you. :D