Sunday, February 19, 2012

5 Positives: The Happiness Advantage

I wasn't going to do a 5 positives post this week because honestly, my week has been full of ups and downs.  I've been in a semi-grumpy mood today, so I didn't want to even attempt to think of anything positive...

...but then I saw that a friend on Facebook posted a TED talk titled "The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance."  This is EXACTLY why I needed to write a 5 positives post this week - a positive thought (no matter how small) will help create lasting positive change.

So here are my 5 positives:

1.) Social media/the interwebs is amazing.  Seriously.  For all the bad junk that is out there, there is also a plethora of knowledge as well as an ability to connect with awesome individuals.  I'm especially thankful for social media today, for without it, I would have never stumbled upon this video on Facebook which jump started my positive thinking for the day :)

2.) Matt brought home sushi, flowers, and a new (RED!) iphone case for me on Valentine's Day.  yum. pretty. yay!

3.) I bought a new iPhone 4S and though it shipped right away, it was delivered to my parents house (since I used my dad's wireless account).  But I'm super excited to get it this week :-D

4.) We ate sushi for a second time.  yum.

5.) I watched a hilariously bad movie with Matt and my sister (we chatted online while we watched, since she's at home in WI).  It was fun to laugh and make fun of the awful sci-fi plot, horrible acting, and awful special effects.  We are such movie snobs :)  Oh, the movie was 1995's "Congo", which was based off a Michael Chrichton novel, starring Laura Linney and Tim Curry.  So so so bad.

How are you staying positive?  What was your take on the ideas presented in Shawn Achor's TEDx talk?


  1. #5...reminds me of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 ... how I miss that show!

    I am glad you wrote your positives. I felt the same way. This week was really not a good week and I had such a difficult time coming up with positives. I had to really think it through, but I was able to find positives. I've noticed that lately something will happen and I'll think, "I should write that on my five positives blog!"

  2. It has been a busy, crazy week, and like you and Lydia, coming up with 5 positives was a real chore this week. I'm glad you both wrote out your positives. I love #1 and have to agree with you.

    The TED talk video is amazing. I am going to post it on my social media =>

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  3. I've been in a fairly 'bah humbug' type of mood lately, but after FINALLY having a decent weekend (despite car problems)...things are starting to look up. Maybe I should start making '5 positives' lists to keep me headed in the right direction.