Thursday, February 23, 2012


Herro!  My virology class was canceled tonight, so I'm home getting things done.  Bake cinnamon bread - check!  Clean living room - check! That's as far as I've gotten :)

This week has gone by super fast! I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday.  Part of the reason the week seems to have flown by is that we've been back and forth with our poor car.  Monday I was ready to go to the lab to work on research, and the brakes didn't work!!  Matt took a look and sure enough, one of our brake lines was corroded through and leaking the brake fluid.  We took our car to the shop, but they didn't have the means to fix it, so they referred us to another shop.  We took the car there, and the next day the mechanic said he wasn't able to fix it because the car was so rusted underneath that he was afraid of removing the whole brake line...rusty underbellies are common in vehicles from the northern states due to the snow and salt, but down here, southern mechanics are always shocked to see so much rust!  Boo.  We had a rental car for a couple days, but then luckily a friend said we could borrow his truck.

Our car is still's now with a friend from church who works at another shop and he's going to work on it.  Hopefully it'll be up and running by next week.  I do enjoy driving a big truck, though :)  I like being so much higher than the wee little cars!!

I've also been fighting off a cold all week...both Matt and I have had sore throats and runny noses, but it hasn't become "full blown sick" yet.  I'm pretty much eating a Cutie clementine every hour and guzzling down water.  I have 2 exams and a presentation due next week, so I can't afford to get sick!

Despite the car troubles and the semi-sickness, this week has been pretty good.  Stay tuned for my 5 positives tomorrow!!

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