Saturday, March 17, 2012

5 Positives w/JoJo!

Heyo!  Here are my 5 positives for the week.  If you'd like to share yours, remember to link up with Lydia on her blog :)

...and a BONUS video of JoJo doing the "Bichon Blitz" :)


  1. Could you write down that recipe for the 3-2-1 cake? It sounds fabulous!

    Glad you've enjoyed your rest, I hope you haven't been too bored with the break. I have done several bible studies through Ephesians, this study sounds interesting. GoT!!! Awesome. The game sounds intriguing. I may look into it. (Probably won't because I'll forget hahahaha).

    Your puppy is adorable and hilarious!!

  2. Jojo is so cute! The Bichon Blitz made me laugh.

    YAY for spring break! I am glad you've been able to rest. I understand what you mean by being a little bored. I am like that too. Except this weekend I took a four day weekend off with Chad for his bday and I did not miss doing school work! I'm glad you got GoT! WOOHOO! (And I love that you sang for it.)

    Mass Effect...I keep thinking of looking into this. It sounds so interesting. Maybe I'll play it to pass the time till the new Tomb Raider! :D

    The 3-2-1 cake sounds awesome. I'll have to give it a try. It sounds like those little cakes they sell like that, but a lot cheaper! Adding this to the grocery list!