Friday, March 23, 2012

5 Positives!

What was positive about your week?! Link up with Lydia and feel free to share your 5 positives!


  1. Yay for haircuts! YEE! :)

    I have not been able to watch through all of the commentary yet for GoT, I am looking forward to watching the commentary though! I love commentaries, they are the best.

    I'm with you about the Hunger Games. I always listen to the score of the film when I first see a film because if the score is crappy, then I don't like the film. Haha. And it our midnight show wasn't crazy either! It was weird. I felt like we were in an alternate reality.


  2. Bill and I are hoping to see "The Hunger Games" next weekend. I think we live in a world that doesn't understand that it's OK to merely like something, there are so many people who use "totally love" things, or think "it is the most amazing thing ever." I wonder what is going to happen if that really is the most amazing thing they have ever seen, how sad will that be? OK sorry I'm on a tangent.

    Your hair looks great! McGee is a cutie!!

    I need to get on the ball and write up my five. I was thinking about doing a vlog but I cannot find my webcam! Grrrr.

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