Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Friday, Friday, 5 positives on Friday...(you know the rest)

...and I AM looking forward to the weekend, weekend. :)

I decided to do my 5 positives as a vlog again, I like doing it in this format and might do it every week.  It's been a good one!!  What were your positives?!

(*blah...I know it's JOHANNES Brahms, don't hate.)


  1. You don't sound like a man!! I have a deeper voice in real, than I do on the phone and in public speaking. In fact when I use my normal voice on the phone I have been called "sir."

    I love the way you are handling the rejection letters. It is so hard to stay positive (every pun intended) and to not take it personally. That is the one problem with competitive programs, there is always someone just a bit better than me, or at least they can present themselves better. But you know that God is in control because you have given Him that control. He knows where He can use you best and where you can best grow.

    I LOVE FACE TIME!! I need to Face Time with some friends of mine that I miss very much.

    I'm still skewing up my courage to do a vlog. Maybe one of these days but till then, you'll just have to be content to read my blog. =>

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  2. You don't have a man voice! I always try to make my voice deeper because people think I am a little kid..

    I loved your five positives and I really like the vlog format of it! So fun. And I will remember to pronounce your name MARiel. I am big on pronouncing names correctly.

    I can relate with you on the rejection letters though I am not trying to go for a PhD. But, while in my masters I learned that I didn't want to go the LPC route and then it was solidified when my GPA dropped beneath the requirements for LPC track. I felt like an epic failure, but now I am realizing that was majorly God because I am SO stubborn!

    I'm glad you've had a great week in lab and that the weather has been nice (although I saw your FB status...darn tornadoes). FaceTime is wonderful. I am able to FaceTime with Chad now when he travels and I am SO thankful for it.

    Have a great weekend of resting and video gaming!

  3. Ps. I now have "Friday" stuck in my head...

  4. i think u should play some piano and sing occasionally on ur vlogs!!! i think that would be positives for many of us! u can have a vibrato vlog :) and mom will be happy as well

    i continue to pray for you and so glad you see God's hand in your life! He will make the WAY!

    CHEF???? that'll happen to manika first!

    manly voice?? i don't think so; BUT EXCITED MARIEL (like her dad) brings the higher pitch! have you thought about drinking DECAF???? LOL

    love yah!