Sunday, April 15, 2012

5 Positive Thingymabobs

Almost forgot!  Here it is...sorry, it's long. I was blabbering.

Also, sorry for that stupid *tsk* noise I make. I hate it. I guess my salivary glands are over-zealous.


  1. Yeah, I had that socially-awkward-taken-as-stuck-up thing going for a long time, too. The best way to overcome it? Ask open ended questions. People LOVE to talk about themselves, and if you can clue in to what someone is passionate about, they will carry the conversation, but walk away thinking YOU are a brilliant conversationalist. It really does work. Start with the basics, like where do you work? How did you get into that field? What is the most challenging thing you've faced? What accomplishment do you take pride in?

  2. I'll be praying about the research positions!

    I've never done Relay for Life, but I think it is really nifty!

    I can definitely relate with people thinking I am snooty and snuck up. A lot of people think I am really cold too. As you know, I am really introverted and socially awkward too, but I'm also such a realist. So I'll say something that is logical and makes sense, but it doesn't meet the emotionality of the setting, so people get mad at me for not being emotional enough. I have a lot of Sheldon moments where it seems he is being insensitive, but he doesn't think he is. Haha.

    The music sounds fun! That is really awesome.

    Yay for Science Saturday!

    AHHH the dogs totally made me jump! HA. And Arya is freeeeaked out! Hahaha.

  3. Praying for those research positions to pan out for you! Bad news is sad, you need some good news soon!

    I've never done the Relay for Life but I have friends who do it every year in honor of those who have gone on or survived. It is a fabulous way to raise money for cancer research.

    I'm glad you were able to meet new people. I have to watch out, I am an extrovert and can sometimes come on too strong. Diane has a very good suggestion about asking open-ended questions. Even if you say nothing more than the occasional um-hmm they will appreciate you! Occasionally you have to ask a follow up question, but not very often.

    Bill and I renewed our vows a few years ago. Lydia put together a mix-tape together for us. Your "back-up" tape sounds like fun!

    You know that I love your Science Saturday posts!

    Hahahaha Rivie jumped up and started to growl at your doggies! Hahahaha.

    Great 5's have a good week too.

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts for my five's.