Sunday, April 15, 2012

Science Saturday 2.7: Superbugs, Dinosaurs, & Space Web

It's back! Sorry for the hiatus.  The past couple of weekends have been busy!  Let's get to it...

An increasing problem in the medical field is the evolution of drug-resistant strains of bacteria.  Many of these "superbugs" continue to cause disease while remaining protected against antibiotics, both old and new.  Recently, another group of microorganisms were found to have antibiotic-resistant properties.  What makes these bacteria so special?  The cave-dwellers have remained isolated in Lechuguilla Cave (New Mexico) for over 4 MILLION YEARS and have not been exposed to modern medicines.  This reveals much about the "innate" role that bacterial genes play in developing resistance to drugs.


Remember in Jurassic Park when Dr. Alan Grant gets scoffed at for believing birds evolved from dinosaurs?  Scientists in China have recently discovered the largest feathered dino, Yutyrannus huali.  Just slightly smaller than the well known T. rex, Yutyrannus was entirely covered in large feathers, about the lenght of a No. 2 pencil.

And speaking of dinosaurs, check out this new Symphony of Science video, "The World of the Dinosaurs." #educationalautotune

Lastly, the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA are looking into a networking system that would allow for interplanetary internet.  This would allow for speedier communication between Earth and the moon, Mars, or deep space stations to assist in controlling rovers, satellites, or other exploratory technologies.


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  1. Resistant diseases do not make me a happy germaphob!! However, anything dinosaur does! I love the Dino Symphony. That is so fun. (and someone had too much time on their hands, unless this was a class project => ) Faster communication means faster response right? So "NASA we have a problem?" becomes, "NASA, what's taking so long, we know you got the communication!?!" Ha!

    It's good to see Science Saturday back. Hiatus's (hiatusi?) are understandable.

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts