Saturday, April 28, 2012

Science Saturday: Art Edition

The creative juices in my brain have been flowing today, so I thought I'd do something a bit different and feature some science-inspired (and scientifically accurate!) artwork that I've spotted around the interwebs :)

Quilling (or paper filagree) is the art of rolling thin paper strips and arranging them in intricate designs and has become a favorite art medium of mine.  Artist Sarah Yakawonis has taken this art form and modeled several anatomical designs:

DNA fingerprinting is a technique used to "map" fragments of a person's DNA to analyze it's unique identity in comparison to other samples (you may have seen this on CSI or other forensic shows).  The company DNA 11 will send you a sample collection kit (a cheek swab) and can turn your own DNA into a work of art!

Using watercolors, Etsy shop owner Michele Banks, aka artologica, uses her knowledge of science to create beautiful images of the cellular world.

Artist Luke Jerram has brought microorganisms to life through a whole new medium - glass.  While malaria and HIV are tough and resilient, these artistic interpretations are fragile and beautiful.

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  1. Amazing, absolutely amazing! It would be interesting to see if the marriage of art and science could bring about a deeper understanding of microorganisms and perhaps better treatments or even cures. How fabulous would that be? Science breakthroughs, through the eyes of the artist. Wow!

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts