Saturday, May 12, 2012

5 Positive Things: Post-Graduation Edition!

So I haven't posted my 5 positive things for the past two weeks again, but it's not because I haven't been thinking about positives.  In fact, my life is currently OVERFLOWING with positives and I've just been too busy to share them with you!

I'm at my parents house for a couple weeks, so it was hard to find time to make a vlog, so here are my fives as a normal blog list :)

1.) I graduated with my Master's degree!!  I was so proud of myself - I finished my final semester with a 4.0!!!  I've never made all A's, and I was so glad to see my hard work pay off :)

goofy seesters.

proud hubzy!

proud parentals.

(sorry you weren't there, lil brudder!)

2.) I'm taking a "vacation" and spending time at my parents house for a couple of weeks!  It's nice to get away and just chill and hang out with my family, even though with all us kids home, we fall back into our normal "family dynamic" of bickering ;)  And I DO miss my hubzy, but he'll be flying up next week for a couple of days!

sister sister sister.

3.) My first full day back in WI, I was able to attend a baby shower for one of my old college roommates.  It was SO great to see her and some other friends from LU.  It's amazing how time flies (we are all old married ladies now! LOL)

4.) My sister and I went on a "sister date" and saw The Avengers in 3D the other day.  It was a very enjoyable film.  I wasn't too impressed with the recent Marvel films, so I was glad that Joss Whedon was at the helm and did some great writing and directing for this movie.

5.) Since I've been at my parent's house, I've actually been working out regularly!  Thanks to Kinect Fitness, I've been burning calories and feeling the strain on my poor weak body, haha.  But it feels good!

this is how i feel when i workout.
There's my fives!  Link up with Lydia and share yours!!


  1. Congratulations (again) on finishing graduate work and becoming Maester Mariel. (Borrowed that from Lydia). Isn't it funny how we go back to our family dynamic when we get around our siblings? It's weird. I hope your time home is super relaxing! You deserve it. I want to see the Avengers. It looks good! I'm glad you and your sis were able to have a day together! Burn those cal's girl, I need to get back to my treadmill.

    Ok this is a touch disjointed. I'm commenting from my phone. Not an easy feat. Ignore typos.


  2. Woohoo! That is so exciting. Congratulations for the millionth time! That is really awesome about your GPA! WOO! I bet the vacation is really nice. How does it feel not having homework to do? It sounds like you're having a really great time with family and being at your home in WI. I hope you continue to have a great time!

  3. Ps. Sorry I've been comment absent on your blog lately! I do read your posts and enjoy them!