Saturday, May 26, 2012

Five Positive Things

Here are five positive things from my week, linking up with Lydia as usual...join us and share your five positives!!

[one]  I arrived home safely after a lovely long visit to WI.  It's great being back with my hubzy and my puppies!!

[two] I got a new bible!!  It's the ESV study bible, and I've been wanting one for a long time.  It turned out that my sister had a new copy that she didn't want, so she gave it to ME!  I love it - it's chock full of cross references and footnotes to help me get more into the Word.

[three]  Thanks to Lauren, I joined an amazing community of women on Twitter and Instagram at the hashtag #shereadstruth.  We are going through the "Soul Detox" reading plan on the YouVersion bible app, and it is definitely smacking me in the face with TRUTH.  If you'd like to join us, please do!  It's never too late to join in!

[four]  Because of all my traveling, I was able to read a TON in A Storm of Swords in the airport/on the plane.  I'm coming to the halfway point.  I was also spoiled on one of the biggest reveals in this book (the internet is a DANGEROUS place for ASOIAF readers), so I know that it's coming soon.  But even though I know the outcome, I'm still excited to read the build up.  Also, check out this amazing fan art of Robert vs. Rhaegar at the almost makes me want to convert to House Baratheon ;)


[five] I turned on the TV today, and there is a Star Wars marathon on Spike.  So as of right now, I have watched Star Wars Episode IV THREE times in the past 24 hours.  Yesterday may have been Geek Pride Day, but I'm proving that it's definitely Geek Pride LIFE :)



  1. I've wanted to look into the Soul Detox study. I think I will (if I remember when I'm where I can get it => )

    I bet you're puppies and hubby are glad to have you back home.

    That picture is amazing!

    I've been zoning to a marathon of one of my favorite TV shows. I should have looked into Spike TV. =/

    I need to do my 5...

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  2. Woohoo! I am glad you made it home safely.

    I keep wanting to get into a Bible study, but I am really bad at committing to one for several reasons. All of which I need to work on. Heh.

    Anytime I see ANY one from House Baratheon I think...USURPER! I can't help it. House Targaryen has my heart. I'm really curious as to which spoiler you're talking about. (That is my passive-aggressive way of saying, "what was spoiled?" Hahaha.) The internet is really dangerous for people who don't want spoilers. Or a great place for people like me, who usually read the end of the book anyway.. :D

    And yay Star Wars! I would watch it, but Chad FINALLY has a chance to play video games. He keeps laughing because I keep saying he needs to play. Only problem, I can't play while he is playing. Unless I play World of Warcraft. ;)

    Have a great weekend!