Saturday, June 9, 2012

5 Positive Thing-a-roos

Here we are - another week over, another set of five positive things :)  Excuse my wonky hair in this video...we were just watching a movie and I was laying down on the couch so my hair got all flipped to one side, haha.  Also, sorry I'm talking a mile a minute...I just drank a bunch of soda! WHEEEE!

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  1. Laid back is always nice.

    I am enjoying the #shespeakstruth. I'm not openly active but it is a real blessing to read the devotional, and then go to the blog and see everyone's experience, questions, encouragement, etc.

    Care packages are great even if it stuff you left behind. I love getting mail!

    You did an awesome job on that piece! I am so glad that you and Lydia are posting your playing. I love to listen to talented people!

    Dates are fun! They are good for married people too. It's a good habit to get into. I don't like sucking meat off bones either.

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  2. Being laid back is soooo nice. It's weird to get use to though. I always feel like I should be writing a paper or something.

    The devotional sounds really great. I'm glad you're having a wonderful time with it.

    Woohoo care packages!! I was totally thinking that the care package reflected who you are! It made me laugh. Awesome.

    Yay for piano and memorization! I can usually retain pieces after memorizing them, but I'm always so frustrated when I can't just play the piece perfectly on my first try. Ha.

    Dates are fun! Chad and I are the same way. We feel more relaxed spending time at home, but occasionally we enjoy going out on dates. I'm glad you had a fun time!