Friday, June 1, 2012

5 Positive Things from the week :)

The vlog is back!  Link up with Lydia if you'd like to share your 5 positives!!

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  1. Yay for vlog-style! Boo for funks.

    Blackwater was amazing!! I wish we had a bigger, newer TV, it was worthy of a much larger scene!

    Always research, always learn, stay sharp in your field! It is great that you're able to still use the lab.

    I love the piano. I wish I could play. But I'll just enjoy the people who can play.

    Yay for sister convo's!!

    I'm looking into the She Reads Truth. I like the idea of doing something like this on-line. I can do it at my pace and in my schedule.

    Hahahaha I love it! I always draw a blank when I do a vlog. Now I don't feel so bad! (Sorry, I hope you know I'm not making fun of you).

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts