Monday, June 11, 2012

Set Apart & Ready

In our #shereadstruth study, we've been taking a look at some of the cultural toxins that may affect our lives.  Just because the world says that something is OK, doesn't necessarily mean that it is OK for us spiritually.  I love the memory verse that was chosen for this week:

See links below to download for your iPhone/iPad lockscreen!

It reminds me of the song "Refiner's Fire" (which was a CLASSIC back in our college Intervarsity group)'s one thing to identify the toxins that might affect your life and letting God purify your soul.  But once we've cleared our minds of these things, there is an even greater next step - it's to BE READY for what God calls you to do.  We are meant to be a people of action!  Are you ready to live the life you were called to live?

(I've never heard Jeremy Passion before, but I love The Katinas...
this version of Refiner's Fire does NOT dissapoint!!  Glad I found it!)

I've made my memory verse design available as a download for iPhone or iPad wallpapers to help you memorize this scripture throughout the week.  Or, if you don't like my design, check out the awesome "official" wallpaper they designed over at!  I think I might put one of each on my devices :)

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