Friday, September 21, 2012

Diys for the Shoe Obsessed Geek/Nerd

I'm not usually a girly girl when it comes to fashion, but the one thing that I've always been obsessed with is SHOES.  Unfortunately, having two sassy dogs means that the majority of my cute shoes have been destroyed over the years due to puppy teething madness.

I've had a strong desire to update my shoe collection this fall, and there have been a few DIY projects that I've been dying to try out:

These faux painted oxfords are perfect for the fall season.  I already have a huge stash of paint and fabric medium from freezer paper stenciling projects so I have all the materials except for the white canvas shoes (which I went to Walmart to get, but they didn't have my size).  Hopefully I can get them next week and get this project done with! 

I'm not really a fan of glitter or of Wonder Woman, but these flats are just too cute to not try out!  Instead of the WW logo, I might do the Rebel Alliance logo or a My Little Pony cutie mark (probably Twilight's, as it's the most subtle of the 6 I think...even thought Rarity is most likely to appreciate the glitter fabulousness!)

I'm sure you've seen some iteration of the Star Wars pumps over the past year or so.  They look SO easy to do - all you need is a comic book and some Mod Podge.  I think I might try doing wedges instead of pumps, though.  That would give more surface area to display the awesomeness!

Or I can always just doodle on some sneakers :)

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  1. I doodled on my gym shoes all the time. Back then they were boring white and I had to spruce them up. I always got in trouble ;). Those DIY's look like fun! Can't wait to see your creations.