Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Music Love

I discovered Josh Garrels about a year ago, but only own and have listened to his most recent album, Love & War & The Sea Inbetween.  Last night and today, I sought out his older albums, and I don't know why I waited so long...

His poetic lyrics, hauntingly smooth voice, and stylistic blend of folk, electronica, & neo-soul are perfectly crafted to promote his message: freedom in The Truth through faith.

I often get frustrated with the "cookie cutter"music that floods the Christian radio and music market, because many of the popular songs seem to lack in depth, both lyrically and musically.  That's just my opinion - I know that many people are blessed by the music they hear on just isn't for me.

Josh Garrels music is raw and passionate - and you can tell he is crying out straight from his heart to his Creator..not to an "audience."  I've been listening to this on loop all day - such as beautiful depiction of redemption.

What music has been moving your soul lately?!

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