Saturday, September 22, 2012

Science Saturday 3.1: Mars Landing, Shiny Fruit, & ENCODE

SciSat is back!  A lot of cool stuff has happened in the science world let's start with the big one - the Mars Curiosity Rover landing!  The landing was actually captured via video feed by the rover.  A superfan took the footage released by NASA and manually edited the footage through a process he called "true motion-flow interpolation at 30fps."  Check it out below.  Simply amazing!

A super shiny fruit has been discovered in Africa.  The plant Pollia condensata produces fruit that is naturally iridescent, meaning that it reflects light as bright intense colors, not due to pigments, but to a special layer of cells arranged in a certain physical structure.  This is common in wings of butterlies or bird feathers, but quite rare in the plant world.

Lastly, the Encylopedia of DNA Elements, or ENCODE, is a new project that catalogues ALL the DNA elements that have been discovered since the Human Genome Project in 2001.  This new catalogue will help scientists to further study the function of human genes coded by our DNA.  Our genome is like one giant puzzle that we have just barely begun to piece together.

Do you have any science news to share?  Comment below!

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  1. Awesome!! I absolutely love your Science Saturday no matter when you post it! As I run across things that I think you might find interesting I'll let ya know. In the meantime, I love your snippets, they make me search further!