Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mouse Ears & Jedi

I got home from working in the lab, sat down at my computer, opened my internet browser, and my Facebook and Twitter feeds were EXPLODING with the news:


My first reaction was "WHAT THE...?!?!?!?!"

But, instead of exhibiting tons of fanboy/fangirl rage, I decided to analyze the issue at hand.  So many people are blowing up the internet a la Death Star without any backing arguments.  Someone on Facebook commented that "Disney is destroying the magic of Star Wars." Huh?!?  First of all, I love Disney and I love Star Wars...so why wouldn't I agree with this merger?  To start, do we really need more Star Wars movies?  The prequels were such an upset, that now it's the in thing to bash Star Wars in order to prove your love for Star Wars.  Secondly, like all business ventures, the motivation is money.  Disney and Lucasfilm will make tons of money off of this merger, whether their projects are successful or not.  How will they make this money? By marketing to children who need to have the newest toy and watch the coolest new movie.  Which brings me to another negative possibility - Star Wars will be dumbed down to be for "children only" and the fans who have grown up with the franchise will be excluded.  Lastly, Disney hasn't had the most success with their sci-fi treatments.  I never saw the movie John Carter, but I heard that it was terrible and didn't do any of the books justice.  All this leads me to be very, very skeptical of the future of my favorite galaxy far, far, away.

However, this merger could be the start of a creative rebirth for the franchise.  I think most Star Wars fans I know agree that the prequel trilogy was awful.  And I think a big part of that was because George Lucas wrote the script and directed the films, resulting in awkward lines delivered poorly by decent actors.  Limit Lucas' role to general storyboarding and behind the scenes filmmaking, and you get Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.  Amazing writing, amazing direction, and one of the best movies in cinematic history.  Basically, the less direct input George Lucas has, the better the product (in my opinion).  The current Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series (no direct Lucas involvement) has some amazing writing and character development.  And it's supposed to be a "kid show"!  It is definitely what the prequels should have been.  By hiring new (good) writers and directors, the new Star Wars films have the potential to explore some amazing adventures.  Someone on Twitter even said "Does this mean Joss Whedon could direct Star Wars?!" (Since Joss is the new Marvel god, and Marvel is owned by Disney).  That would be EPIC!  If they go ahead and continue the story set up in Episodes 1-6, there are already some great plot arcs written in EU (extended universe) novels and comics, heck, even video games (Knights of the Republic, The Force Unleashed, etc).  So either they use current material and develop it into a film, or they write up new material with unlimited creative potential.  I see nothing wrong with that.  Lastly, Disney is an extremely smart business, they know what works.  They've had HUGE success with Marvel and have helped revive the superhero movie.  And since many comic book/superhero fans also cross over into sci-fi fandom, I don't think they would risk "destroying" the Star Wars franchise.  They will hopefully do what they can to grow the franchise and also the fandom.

It's also important to remember that Disney is simply acquiring Lucasfilm.  You know, how corporations function using a business umbrella model?  Just like Disney owns ABC and ESPN, now it owns Lucasfilm.  This doesn't change how their movies will be made.  You won't be playing the "Where's Mickey?" game when you see Episode 7 in the theaters.  You'll just be putting more money in their pockets.

I have so many more thoughts about this, but it's all a jumbled mess.  Basically, I'm skeptical yet hopeful.  I think there is potential to help make Star Wars a revered franchise again, and it will stop being the butt of every pop culture joke.  Because really, Disney, you can't do any worse than Jar Jar Binks.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Nesting Bowl Progress

This month, I joined Alycia's #CrochetAlong via her blog/twitter, and have had a blast making these adorable nesting bowls.  Since I've been obsessed with ombre lately, I decided to make my bowls ombre shades of red/tan/cream to match our living room decor.

I had so much fun and these worked up quickly, so I decided to start making another set which I plan on giving to a friend.

It is a well known fact that crochet projects are best done in front of the TV whilst watching anime, such as Full Metal Alchemist ;)

I've been crocheting for years, but I had never learned about the invisible finish until doing this project, and I am obsessed with it! It makes the edge look so flawless. I love learning new techniques!

Head over to Alycia's blog, The Curious Pug, to join in and vote for next month's #CrochetAlong project - I voted for the granny square pillow!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Guest Post @ C&CC

I'm guest posting today at Mandy's blog, Chocolate & Cream Cake.  Check it out for an easy DIY on how to turn junk mail into geeky wall art!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Concert Love.

The main reason we visited WI last week is because my awesome brother got us all tickets to see Needtobreathe, one of our favorite bands.  As a bonus, one of their openers was Drew Holcomb, singer/songwriter/leader of another one of our favorite bands! We stood outside in a ridiculously long long right on the riverfront in the chilly fall air, and I loved every second of it.  Being in Milwaukee = home.

Drew Holcomb sang solo without his band, The Neighbors, but it was an awesome performance and had a nice intimate feel to it (especially since I was standing about 4 people away from the stage!)

We've bought most of our music online, so we took the opportunity to purchase 3 of the Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors albums, and also chatted with Drew for a bit!

The second opener was Parachute, a band I'd never heard of before, but I enjoyed hearing them rock out.  And finally, Needtobreathe began their set.

It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to - they are amazing live performers.  Their song, Washed by the Water is a jam, but they turned it into a straight up blues fest (with a little mash up of their song, Lay 'Em Down) and it was SICK!

Overall, the concert left me inspired musically, and was a great time to spend rocking out with Matt, Manika, & Nate.  Coincidentally, the tour is playing here in Jackson, MS tonight and we almost splurged for tickets to see them perform again...but alas, we are poor.  *curse you Ticketmaster and your ridiculous surcharges!*

What's the best concert you've ever been to?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

September #fmsphotoaday recap & other business

Both Matt and I got terrible colds last week in addition to making the 13 hour road trip to WI and back so I've been pretty quiet on the internets.  Here are my photos from last month's #fmsphotoaday challenge (new hashtag, same challenge via Fat Mum Slim)

Thinking about all the projects I'm working on today! #FMSphotoaday #September1 #madewithOver #textographyHe used to be a gymnast...50-somethin' and he's still got it ;) #fmsphotoaday #september2 #madewithover #disneyworldHorizon lines are the best. #fmsphotoaday #september3 #madewithoverPinkie Pie diligently checks the mail... #fmsphotoaday #september4 #madewithOver#FMSphotoaday #September5 #madewithOverSo thankful for this daily affirmation. #FMSphotoaday #September6 #madewithOverLi'l Mushroom @ Pine Lake Camp in WI #FMSphotoaday #September7 #madewithOverOutside our window. #FMSphotoaday #September8 #madewithOverWorship @ CBBC #FMSphotoaday #September9 #madewithOverWho replaced my dog with a stuffed animal?! ❤ #FMSphotoaday #September10 #madewithOverCap. #fmsphotoaday #september11 #madewithoverWe love being together! ❤ #FMSphotoaday #September12 #madewithOverPreparing for a couple hours of data crunching for my research. Whee! #FMSphotoaday #September13 #madewithOverMy favorite game is pointing out #facesinplaces :) #fmsphotoaday #September14 #madewithover#FMSphotoaday #September15 #madewithOverIn bed before 10pm?! Definitely strange!! #fmsphotoaday #september16Not my fridge, but the fridge in the lab. #FMSphotoaday #September17 #madewithOverTrying to justify if this game is worth it...#WannaSayYes #fmsphotoaday #september18 #madewithoverUnderneath my TV tray waiting for scraps. #Corgi #FMSphotoaday #September19 #madewithOver#FMSphotoaday #September20 #madewithOverSometimes ya just gotta make a goofy face  #FMSphotoaday #September21 #madewithOverStaircase. #FMSphotoaday #September22 #madewithOverNew show obsession! Almost done with S1, just in time for the S2 premiere! #fmsphotoaday #september23 #catchupPlan for the afternoon - data analysis for research (on my R2D2 jump drive), finish crochet orders, play video games. :) #fmsphotoaday #september24 #catchup#fmsphotoaday #september25#FMSphtoaday #September26 #madewithoverTechnology is awesome except when it acts wonky. #FMSphotoaday #September27  #madewithOverCookies are always a good thing. #fmsphotoaday #September28 #madewithover #catchupDoes reading/writing emails count? #fmsphotoaday #september29 #madewithover #catchupAlways a ham on home videos... #chipmunkcheeks #fmsphotoaday #september30 #madewithover
We are currently in the middle of the #fmsphotoaday for October, so be sure to follow/play along on Instagram if you aren't!

This month, I'm joining in on the #CrochetAlong with Alicia from The Curious Pug.  We are working on these adorable nesting bowls!  I'm a bit late getting started, but hopefully I'll finish them all by the end of the month!

I have several "mystery" projects brewing in my head, and I'm debating whether or not to act on them...I'm notorious for starting something and never finishing it.  But I want to continue to inspire others through my blog and through my activities, so we shall see.  I'll keep you posted!