Monday, October 22, 2012

Nesting Bowl Progress

This month, I joined Alycia's #CrochetAlong via her blog/twitter, and have had a blast making these adorable nesting bowls.  Since I've been obsessed with ombre lately, I decided to make my bowls ombre shades of red/tan/cream to match our living room decor.

I had so much fun and these worked up quickly, so I decided to start making another set which I plan on giving to a friend.

It is a well known fact that crochet projects are best done in front of the TV whilst watching anime, such as Full Metal Alchemist ;)

I've been crocheting for years, but I had never learned about the invisible finish until doing this project, and I am obsessed with it! It makes the edge look so flawless. I love learning new techniques!

Head over to Alycia's blog, The Curious Pug, to join in and vote for next month's #CrochetAlong project - I voted for the granny square pillow!


  1. they look awesome!! i love the ombre colors too :) it looks great. the poll for november's project is up if you want to play along next month too :)

  2. They looked awesome! :) Mine turned out pretty good too! I made them rainbow for my son!

    1. Thanks, Katlyn! Did you make the sorting balls, too? I hope your son loves them!

  3. (Whoops, I accidentally included my email address publicly. >.<)

    I cannot get the hang of crochet or knitting so I have a great respect for anyone who can. These are so cute!


  4. Your bowls came out beautifully. And your living room must look amazing if that is it's color palette. LOVE!!!

  5. Well done! Nifty choice of colors, too.

  6. You bowls turned out amazing!! I love them. And the colors are great!! I think you convinced me to crochet a set for my living room. :):):)