Friday, January 4, 2013

In which I wish I had an accent

Matt and I are currently in Florida with my family for a week of vacation!  It's been great just hanging out, playing games, and watching movies.  The van that my dad rented is one of those with a DVD player, so during the long drive yesterday, we watched Pixar's "Brave."  Oh, how I wish I had an accent!!  After watching the movie, my sister and I practiced speaking with a Scottish accent for nearly the rest of the evening, which included reading random Wikipedia articles about the Mauritius blue pigeon and chess with an accent, hah! We are NERDS.  This obsession has carried through today, as I kept finding myself slipping into the accent for periods of time ;)

We headed to the movie theater today after some shopping and saw Lincoln.  Both movies were rated and given brief reviews on my Letterboxd account, and are copied below.

This was a great addition to the typical "princess" movies in the Disney vault. While it may not be one of Pixar's finest, the animation was top notch (that hair!), the cinematography was beautiful, and though most of the plot was predictable, the major "twist" was definitely a surprise to me.

And seriously...Scottish accents!!!

5-star rating: ★1/2

As a person who doesn't really like history/politics, I was completely drawn in to the historical intrigue of the 13th amendment as presented in this film. While there were moments that dragged on and scenes that seemed like "filler," the story was well written and really got me emotionally invested in the tense moments of the vote, even though I historically knew the outcome. The acting was superb; Daniel Day-Lewis definitely deserves the Oscar for his performance.

5-star rating: 

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  1. I love most accents, even some southern ones (like Georgia). However, I fought hard not to have a southern Missouri accent (don't ask me why). My mom was from Philly so I picked up more of her accent.

    I haven't seen Brave but I think I "need" to. Bill and I want to see Lincoln, we are both history nuts and we've heard good things about it.

    Lily-thinking thoughts