Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Raindrops keep fallin' on my...desk?

One of my biggest fears as a teacher became a reality today...

I was talking so fast that I spittled (aka gleeking) on the first row. * embarrassment*

But it's general knowledge that you shouldn't sit in the front row because the passionate instructor will inevitably get so excited that they spit at you on accident, right?!

At least most of them already had their umbrellas since it's raining/storming outside ;)


  1. Hahaha, yeah I learned that lesson the hard way years ago! It's really bad if the front row is near the door because I tend to *try* to sit near the exit. (It doesn't always work out that way because sometimes other OCD's get in the way of that one).

    Lily-thinking thoughts

  2. That's kind of hilarious... yesterday at the end of a tutorial i was giving one of the students came up and offered me gum, I said "what do I have bad breath?!" and he said no I was just offering it around.... :S

    1. Luckily this was in one of my lab sections, so I figured, there's probably been worse things spilled on the desktop!

      Haha. Yeah, the gum/mint passing is always so awkward. I usually offer to people as a courtesy, but then when people do it to me, I feel self-conscious about my breath. Wah wah.