Monday, March 18, 2013

A Little Housekeeping

If you are an avid reader of my blog (hahaha, i keed i keed), you may notice I changed up the layout and design a bit.  I also decided to go back to using Disqus for commenting.  I know some people have had issues when I used it before, but I think they've made the changes over the past year to make it very user friendly.  Let me know if you have any issues.  Also, with the news that Google Reader is sunsetting, I've been looking for other readers to keep up with all of your blogs, and so I started a Bloglovin' account.  If you use it, you can now follow my blog there.  Hope you had a lovely Monday!


  1. No worries! Yeah, I don't really like that about Bloglovin...I only see the snippets as well, and have to click through to read the whole blog post. Also, BL doesn't give an option to "read/save for later" which is annoying. Sometimes I don't have time to read a whole post at that moment but want to save it for later!

    Another reader that was recommended to me is - it is a bit more customizable. The default view is a "magazine" type view, which only shows snippets as well, but you can change it to a list view just like Google Reader where you can click and view the whole post. So maybe give that a try?

  2. I checked it out. I think I like it. One thing I like is you can look at recommended blogs without having to go to that blog. :D

  3. Sorry I didn't get back to this last night. I think I feel asleep right after I told you the trouble I was having. So the question I have for you is this...have you found a way to read all of a blog post on Bloglovin? The thing I like about GR is that you can read all the blogs your following in one place, not just snippets of the each blog. Which is the thing I dislike about BL, so far I only see the snippets.

    OK enough grousing. The blog looks nice!

    Lily-thinking thoughts