Friday, March 8, 2013


I always see cool things or experience something in my day that makes me think "oh, I should write a blog post about that!" and then I never do.  Haha.  So what you get is a mish-mash of randomness today!

1.) Had a lovely start to the week.  I woke up to this beautiful sight and was reminded of God's grace and mercy.  Nothing can compare to the beauty of His promises to us.

2.) Check out this amazing photography project I discovered on Instagram called #PantonePairings.  The artist David Schwen makes swatches out of commonly paired foodstuffs.  Clever, right?!

3.) Thanks to Brad Sherwood's AMA on Reddit, I scoured out a bunch of old Whose Line is it Anyway? episodes on YouTube and have been laughing my way through them.  These clips are probably two of my favorite moments watching the show...

4.) It's my first official spring break as an INSTRUCTOR and not a student, and I think I am even more excited about it. Haha. I'm planning on doing lots of reading, playing video games, watching movies, and working on some crafty projects.  Maybe I'll even find time to blog ;)


  1. I agree with Diane, I miss that show! I laughed sooooo hard!!

    1. Apparently it is returning! Drew Carey is no longer involved, but Colin, Ryan & Wayne will all be back! I hope it will be funny...