Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pen pals, Geek girls, Drinkables, & Jams

I thought I'd do another vlog (take advantage of being home alone while Matt is at work so he can't judge laugh at interrupt me) and talk about some things that I'm currently obsessing over! (Maybe I'm a little bit inspired by Mandy's Obsessed feature on her blog).

I hate re-watching and editing these, because I realize how much I say "um" or "uhhhh" or "so....".  I tried to edit out most of those non-verbals, but pretty much every other sentence starts with "So..."

So I apologize. (see what I did there?)

Here's the linky-links!
Adagio Teas Fandom Blends
Plant Nanny
The Gray Havens

And here's bonus footage of JoJo being adorable ;)


  1. Weird. I did not get the notification that you commented! Sorry! Anyway, I used the Water app (I started with the lite and then paid the $.99 for the "full version" (not much difference)) and I did like it...but when someone told me about this cute plant, I just HAD to get it. And it's a lot more motivational to keep him alive!! :)

    You should definitely join the pen pal thingy! You just go to the website and sign up, answer a few questions about yourself, and when the next round comes, they will pair you with someone who has similar geeky interest. It's also grouped by age, so you'd be paired with someone with whom you can discuss geekdom throughout your awesome lives :)

    My penpal lives in the Netherlands! And then I also met a new friend on Twitter and we decided to become "unofficial" penpals, so I've been writing her as well.

    Let me know if you have more questions, but all the info is on their site linked above!! :)

  2. I joined!! I'm looking forward to the penpal thingy. I love "meeting" new people.

  3. The tea sounds marvelous!! The water app is so cute. I use the free app to remind me that I need water.I think it's called "water lite" and it's free. Not nearly as cute as the app you're using! I will be checking out the Gray Havens.

    I saved the pen pal thingy for last. I used to have so many pen pals when I was younger and I really miss that! I love writing to new people, learning about new people, and opening my mailbox to find a letter waiting. How would one get started?

    Lily-thinking thoughts