Monday, May 13, 2013

Get This Look in 5 Easy Steps!

I don't blog about fashion or style or trendiness because that just isn't who am I as a person. But because the blogoshpere lends itself to these types of categories, I still am aware of the current trends and often get inspired by other people's cute looks.  And this is what usually happens when I try to follow the style trends. So here it is, my very own Fashion How-To:

Step 1: Be inspired by all the adorable ladies online who wear their hair in a cute messy top knot bun.
Step 2: Try it on your hair and fail.
Step 3: Watch YouTube videos demonstrating the "easy style".
Step 4: Get annoyed at some of the girls with WAY too much makeup and annoying personalities.
Step 5: Still fail at doing the top knot even after watching several tutorials.

What is this?!?!

I find it ridiculous that I can mess up a "messy look" hairstyle. Let's not even talk about how I don't know how to do makeup either :D


  1. Personally I think you did a good job on the messy top knot. The key word for me is messy. But I do have to agree with most of your step-by-step's...some of the super-women are sooooo flippin' annoying!!

    Lily-thinking thoughts

  2. And this is why you're awesome. :-)

  3. Haha. Well thanks! After a bazillion tries I'm actually now able to make it look "nice messy" instead of the posted "'what is this' messy" :P

    But yes, half of the videos I started, I needed to turn off right away before I started throwing things at my computer screen because they were so bad. Hehe.

  4. Hahaha! Thanks!! I'm glad you share my sense of humor :D

  5. I am now imagining how hilarious it would be if we had a sleepover & gave each other make-overs...

  6. Hahaha! Hilarity would most definitely ensue.