Saturday, June 22, 2013

Belated Anniversary Surprise

Matt and I aren't really romantics, we don't often celebrate birthdays or anniversaries in a grandiose fashion, and we definitely don't do Valentine's like "normal" couples. But we do enjoy going on adventures :) Since we weren't able to do anything super awesome on our four-cubed-versary, Matt "surprised" me with a night stay at a fancy hotel we've been interested in since we got married. I say "surprised" because I already knew we were going, but he planned it all himself ;)

We didn't tell any of our friends, since we wanted to just do something incognito, but we took a trip up to Appleton this past Monday for our adventure. The weather on our drive up was beautiful:

We drove into town and made our way to the Copper Leaf, a boutique hotel right in the heart of downtown Appleton. After checking in and getting dressed for dinner, we went out to our favorite restaurant, Fratello's, an awesome dining establishment inside a renovated hydroelectric plant right on the Fox River.

Foolishly, I didn't take any good pictures of the outside of the hotel OR the inside of our suite, but it was nice and cute with a whirlpool, and also a bottle of wine for the anniversary couple :) *how sweet* Though I did manage to snap this fancy artwork that was hanging in our room, which upon seeing it I immediately thought "Lannisters!" :D

Thanks for the secret adventure, hubzy! We will be back in Appleton this Sunday for an OFFICIAL visit, and hope to see all of our friends either at church or out for lunch!!

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