Friday, June 7, 2013

Tea for Two

My history with tea goes back several years. I remember doing a persuasive speech assignment on the health benefits of tea vs. coffee back in high school english class. In college, when caffeine was a necessity, I turned to tea because I've never really liked the taste of coffee. But I'd always just bought the cheap tea bag brands found at the grocery story. When Matt and I first became friends, a couple months later he got me a tea sampler from Adagio Teas for Christmas (I didn't get him anything...shows that Matt was more ready for a commitment than I was ;) I keed I keed). That was my first taste of loose leaf teas. When brewed properly, the flavor is WONDERFUL. I was hooked.

Flash forward to a few years of marriage, and Matt and I have accumulated quite a stash of teas. But this hasn't stopped me from purchasing new blends to try. I've talked about Adagio's fandom blends before, and the site let's any member can create their own signature blends. My friend Valerie has become quite the tea blending enthusiast, and when she asked me "What would a 'Mariel' tea taste like?" What a challenge! How would I define myself as a flavorful tea?! Well I finally sat down tonight and tried my hand at making some blends.

My favorites are white teas, rooibos teas, & sweet and fruity blends. Matt's favorites are aromatic herbals like jasmine or lemongrass. So here we are, two signature blends inspired by our personalities & tastes.

The Mariel Tea is a blend of rooibos vanilla chai, black raspberry, & honeybush vanilla with an accent of raspberry leaves. MJ's Spiced Green Jasmine is a blend of rooibos jasmine, lemongrass, & gunpowder with an accent of cardamom.

Matt's tea is currently unavailable because they are restocking their gunpowder leaves, but as soon as it's back in stock, I'll be excited to order these and try them out! Feel free to try them and let me know what you think! Both tea blends are in a "'ship" meaning if you purchase them together, there is a 10% discount. I also have $5 gift certificates to send, so when you are ready to order, let me know!


  1. I just ordered The Mariel Tea thanks to the gift certificate you sent me like, a month ago - can't wait to try it, it sounds delicious! haha! This site is so fun!! I really want to try some of the fandom samplers someday too! :)

  2. Oh, yay! You'll officially be the first one to try it...even I haven't tasted it yet :/ Let me know what you think! I can tweak the blend if certain things are too strong/weak/whatever, so any feedback would be great :)