Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crochet Along Update

Things have been a little crazy, because just like Alycia, we are in the transition stages of moving!! But I committed to hosting the Crochet-Along this month, and I've actually completed both the projects! I won't reveal them in this post (link up will be on the 29th!), but I wanted to share a few tips & tricks I discovered while working on them.

For the Trek Bracelet: The clasps I got weren't even close to as large as the ones in the original I improvised. Instead of crocheting directly onto the clasp to begin, I just made a "loop" on BOTH ends of the bracelet. To do this, I simply just started the project with a ch 2, and then continued with "Row 2" in the pattern as written. When it gets to the part about making the border near the clasp, I just made a ch 3 (as stated later in the pattern) instead.

I then attached jump rings to each looped end, and added the clasp to one end. Easy peasy! This was a super quick and easy project, too! I'll probably make 2 or 3 more in different colors before the month is up :)

The watermelon coasters were quite easy, too, though joining new colors can be a bit tedious. The only modification I suggest is to use the "invisible finish" method outlined here (which I learned through one of Alycia's previous Crochet-Along projects ;)). It makes the edge of your project so much smoother without the "bump" caused by tying off the yarn.

How are your projects coming along? Feel free to leave any questions in the comments, or tweet us with the hashtag #CrochetAlong and I'll try to help!

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